Ahimsa London - Founded by a progressive young couple who believe luxury products should not cost our humanity.

Nerav and Nirali founded Ahimsa London after seeing a gap in the market. Ahimsa London has one of the largest collections of lab-made diamond jewellery. All jewellery is made in the UK using expert craftsmanship

What are Lab Made Diamonds? 

In simple terms, they are Diamonds, just grown in a lab. Chemically and physically exactly the same as mined diamonds …Find Out more 

Why Lab Made Diamonds? 

It’s only with Lab-made diamonds you can guarantee conflict and cruelty-free diamond… Find Out more.


Physics graduate turned Entrepreneur.

“It was in my late teens when I learnt that 90% of cocoa beans are picked by slaves and I immediately gave up eating chocolate despite having a massive sweet tooth. I’m an advocate for human rights and believe we can all do something to help, even if it’s only a little. I only do business with companies that do not exploit the local population by ensuring they provide safe working environments for all workers and that they pay their staff a fair wage”


Teacher and Makeup Artist with a talent for design

“I really enjoyed teaching however as time went on I noticed the industry started changing, it became really rigid and more of a tick box exercise. The creative element was taken away and I noticed my life was lacking something. As I was already a hair and makeup artist on weekends and evenings; I decided to give up teaching and take the plunge on a new venture when I saw a gap in the market. “

Their Story ...

It all began in Summer 2013 when love blossomed between Nerav and Nirali, founders of Ahimsa London.

A conversation about engagement and the perfect ring turned into a life-changing moment. Nirali was so shocked when Nerav told her that he would never buy her a diamond or a box of chocolates. At first, she thought he was joking, I mean who says that on the second date?  Diamonds and chocolates are a girl’s best friend! So she asked him why, whilst at the same time thinking what is wrong with this guy? Does he not know women at all?! However, when he enlightened her it was a real eye-opener.

“The diamond mining industry has some of the worst records for human rights violations. Children as young as 5 are kidnapped from their parents and forced to work in mines so that more privileged people can wear them as showpieces. I can’t see how people can wear mined diamonds after knowing the truth”

Initially, Nirali didn’t want to believe that what he was saying was true, so she started to do her own research and learnt about the horrors of the diamond mining trade, the wars it had funded and the millions of lives that have been affected. There and then, she knew she couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a diamond ring on my finger. As their relationship grew they looked into alternatives and came across lab created diamonds. However, it was to their dismay that these were not easily available and were associated with companies who primarily sold mined diamonds.

After 2 years of research and development, they decided to create our own ethical brand and Ahimsa London was born.

“We are so proud of Ahimsa London and are incredibly excited to give consumers a real alternative. All of our diamonds are created in a lab to an extremely high standard and we always use certified fair-trade or recycled gold to create our designs. We believe no one should be harmed, especially in the production of luxury items.”

Today Ahimsa London hosts one of the largest collection of Lab-made Diamond jewellery.

All the jewellery is Made in the UK using the finest Lab-made Diamonds and ethically sourced fair trade metals. 

100% guarantee every piece is conflict and cruelty-free.

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