General Questions

Ahimsa London was the first UK jeweller to deal exclusively with Lab Made Diamonds. The founders of Ahimsa London wanted to create a brand that was based on non-violence and ethical sourcing. When you shop with Ahimsa, you are guaranteed your jewellery is 100% conflict and cruelty-free including the metals we use. 

Ahimsa London also offers a bespoke service where you can create/design your own ring with the help of our design team. From the initial consultation, they are with you every step of the way. You can tweak and change until you are 100% happy with the design.

A Lab Diamond (lab grown diamond, lab made diamond) is a diamond that has been made in a laboratory. They are chemically and physically exactly the same as a mined diamond. Find out more.

With mined diamonds, countless conflict diamonds are mixed in with ‘ethically sourced’ ones. Once mixed you cannot determine the origin and therefore every mined diamond carries the risk of being one from an unethical source.  


As Lab Diamonds have to be grown in a lab there is no possibility of any cruelty being involved. (No slave labour, child exploitation or proceeds going to conflict). This is why we can guarantee that all our diamonds are conflict and cruelty free.


As we are an online jeweller, we are able to offer exceptional value compared to traditional jewellers by not holding stock and not having the high retail rent costs these jewellers usually have.

We understand with a big purchase you would like to touch, feel and see the design in person. 

If you are looking at a piece from our collection we do have replicas* available. If you are local to us are welcome to book a consultation at our office. Alternatively, if you cannot get to us for a small fee we can send you over the replica for you to look at home. Speak to our team today for more details. ^ 


*replicas are made from sterling silver and cubic zirconia 

^Typical fee – £10 + £50 deposit, refunded once replicas are returned to us. Terms and conditions apply

Yes. The options shown on our website are the most popular choices however there are countless more. If the configuration you are after is not available online please contact us and we can discuss all the options. 

Please call/contact us. We keep only the most popular choices online however we have 100s of other designs available to us. We are confident we can find something you like. 

You can also get a custom made design using our bespoke service. So you can have something unique created. Our design team will be with you every single step of the way. Find out more about our bespoke service. 

It is important to get the ring size correct however should the ring you order not fit as well as you would like Ahimsa London rings come with 1 free ring resize within the 1st year of purchase*. 

We recommend using a ring sizer (we have a downloadable one). Making a ring bigger is harder and will leave a mark, whereas making is smaller is easier, therefore it is recommended to go bigger.  You should also note that changing the ring size by more than 2 sizes is not possible for most rings. If you are unsure about ring sizing the best thing is to contact our team who will give you the best advice.

*Only available for UK customers. You will need to send the ring to us. For customers outside the UK shipping will be charged. Terms and Conditions apply 

No – You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase from our website. We use PayPal to process your payment meaning Ahimsa London will not collect or save your card details. This keeps your details safe as PayPal is one of the safest and secure payment processors. 

Yes we do. There would be an additional shipping charge based on the final destination. 

Yes – All our deliveries are fully insured.