The Lotus Awards celebrate great organisations

We are pleased to announce that Ahimsa London has won a Lotus Award. 

The Lotus Awards are a unique concept recognising great workplaces by celebrating what makes them unique. 2018 saw nearly 300 entries for Culture and Sustainability, and  Ahimsa London is delighted to be amongst the winners for 2018.

“The diversity and quality of the winners is the reason why we started the Lotus Awards, it’s great to see so many organisations constantly striving to improve, hopefully, The Lotus Awards provides a platform to inspire other organisations.”

James Murphy, Founder The Lotus Awards 

“We are extremely honoured to receive this award. We would like to thank Lotus awards for recognising our hard work and commitment to providing better, sustainable and ethical products”

Nirali Mehta, Founder and Managing Director, Ahimsa London